Abramis – Kythera

Wax ointment

Wax ointment was used as the basic healing remedy in the early Greek society.

Sofia, owner of natural cosmetic and healing handmade products, store (Herovolo) located in Potamos, with the knowhow and love for nature, will teach you the process of making a genuine product from pure beeswax and Kytherian herbal oils. A recipe used for centuries.

  • Conducted every…….
  • Duration of activity: 1 hour
  • At the end of the process you will take with you your own ointment and the recipe.
  • During the activity, you will have the chance of asking any questions you might have and to get acquainted with the local herbs.
  • Transportation to the place of the activity is done in your own vehicle.
  • Minimum number of participants is four(4).
  • Price per person : 25 EUROS.