Abramis – Kythera

Hiking Experience

In many people’s mind  the Greek islands are synonymous to the sun and the sea, as an ideal destination for summer. Kythira though, because of being a geological singularity, is a four-season destination. Most ignore this and others hesitate to believe so. The truth is that on Kythira every season has it’s own colours, it’s own scent, it’s own face. It’s hard to believe that on a small island like this, all these alternations are happening. The best way to feel Kythira with every sense, is by walking on it. That’s why we’ve organized a week of guided hikes, to get you acquainted with this unique land.


  • One day of guided walk and tour to the gorge and the sights of the village.
    One day of walking to the M41 trail, Watermills, Kato Chora of Mylopotamos.
  • One day of walking to the M31 trail, Potamos, Palaiochora.
  • One day of walking on the route Keramari, Amir- Ali, Moudari’s Lighthouse.
  • One day of walking on the route Mitata, Palaiopoli, Agia Moni, Diakofti, Avlemonas.
  • One day of visiting a garden and picking groceries, followed by a cooking lesson in preparation of traditional meals cooked in wood burning stove. (spinach-pie, bread, mini cheese-pies, rusks and more.)
  • One day free. (Ask us to prepare with you, your guided tour of the island.)


  • The deal is for one(1) week (seven(7) days, six(6) nights).
  • Price includes accommodation, rental car, breakfast, a little snack during the activities and one(1) meal. (All products are traditional and homemade.)
  • Breakfast is delivered in a basket outside your door every morning.
  • On the free day, ONLY breakfast is delivered.
  • Transportation from and to the activity areas is done in our own vehicle.
  • Price is 400 EUROS per person, rental car included and 330 EUROS per person if you bring your own vehicle.
  • (For this particular deal, renting a car is not necessary, unless you need one for your free day.)
  • Price for one person with rental car for free day is 330 EUROS plus 20 EUROS for the rental.
  • Conducted from middle of October until middle of May. (Easter holidays week is excluded.)
  • There is a 150 EUROS of extra charge in case of booking a single room.