Abramis – Kythera

Live the past like a Kytherian

Having the beautiful island of Kythira as our reference point, we combines yesterday with today, froze time and brought memories to life.

An opportunity to live the most vivid experience. Feel, hear, smell, enjoy, live the island satisfying all your senses. Bring the “old” together with the “new”. You are given the chance to experience the old “Kytherian” way of living, through modern forms of recreational pleasure. Every day has to do with one or two different activities and every one of them is designed to give you information and experience of our ancestors’ life. At the end of each activity, you will hold in your hands either something collected from nature, or something that you’ve fabricated. At the end of the week, you will have the “privilege” of spending a night in a farmhouse without modern water supply, or electricity, using the knowledge and the products that you’ve fabricated all week. (All activities, as well as the night in the farmhouse, are supported and supervised by our experienced team.)


  • Walks and guided tours on trails and sites of Kythira, while identifying and collecting herbs.
  • Canyoning.
  • Bicycle Rides.
  • Soap production tutorial.
  • Wax ointment production tutorial.
  • Visit to village’s garden and picking groceries.
  • Cooking lesson and preparation of traditional meals cooked in wood burning stove. (spinach-pie, bread, mini cheese-pies, rusks and more.)
  • Acquaintance with olive oil and the method of extraction. ( During harvesting season, you participate in the olive picking procedure.)


  • The deal is for one(1) week (seven(7) days, six(6) nights).
  • Daily schedule is prepared the previous day according to each season and depending on weather conditions.
  • Price includes accommodation, rental car, breakfast, a little snack during the activities and one(1) meal. (All products are traditional and homemade.)
  • Breakfast is delivered in a basket outside your door every morning.
  • Transportation from and to the activities areas is done in our own vehicle.
  • Price is 490 EUROS per person, rental car included and 420 EUROS per person if you bring your own vehicle.
  • (For this particular deal, renting a car is not necessary, unless you need one for your nights out.)
  • Conducted from middle of October until middle of May. (Easter holidays week is excluded.)
  • There is a 150 EUROS of extra charge in case of ……..