Abramis – Kythera



Starting from Mitata’s central square as our meeting point, under the shadow of the pine tree, your experienced guide will give you all the basic[…]

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Descending with the use of rope (rapel)

A descending technique on which canyoning and other sports are based. An excellent opportunity to getting started with the use of ropes for the beginners[…]

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Bicycle Rides

A good day starts from the morning! The perfect “excuse” you need for a morning ride, enough to fill you with energy for the rest[…]

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Where Adventure meets with Nature and together they walk the mesmerizing trails of Kythira. 1.Palaiochora – Lagada (Kaki Lagada’s gorge) Vrettos, who is an experienced[…]

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Sofia, owner of natural cosmetic and healing handmade products, store (Herovolo) that she keeps in Potamos, with the knowhow and love for nature, will teach[…]

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Stone built oven (cooker fueled with wood)

Mrs Toula, a Tsirigotissa (Kytherian) housewife, raised with her mother’s traditional recipes, will initiate you to the old way of baking. Together you will bake[…]

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