Abramis – Kythera

Bicycle Rides

A good day starts from the morning! The perfect “excuse” you need for a morning ride, enough to fill you with energy for the rest of the day. Starting from Potamos and moving North in a mixed, easy and most of the time a downhill ride, your experienced escort will guide you through one of the best natural corners on the island. First stop will be at the Gerakari forest, the biggest oxygen source on Kythira. After wandering around the numerous roads, you will be heading to Amir Ali’s evergreen springs in Karavas. It’s the perfect spot for a small rest, to drink cool fresh water from the spring and to take awesome photos in the heart of nature. Afterwards, you will ride uphill to the village of Karavas and from there, a continuous downhill route, through pine trees, until you reach Agia Pelagia, where the return car will be waiting.

  • Duration : 3 hours.
  • Conducted every day at 07:00am
  • Route : 16 Km in total, 5 Km of dirt road.
  • Meeting and starting point is the church of Potamos.
  • Resting point is Amir Ali’s springs in Karavas.
  • Finishing point is Agia Pelagia
  • Transportation from Agia Pelagia back to Potamos will be done in our vehicle.
  • The route is valued as an easy one.
  • Make sure you are wearing trainers, sunglasses, sun protection cream and have a second T-shirt as well.
  • Price includes one(1) small bottle of water (0,5lt), homemade energy bar for the starting point and fruit during the stop at the spring, for each person.
  • Minimum number of participants is two(2) and maximum five(5).
  • Price per person : 35 EUROS.