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Reviving yesterday, now!

Keeping in mind that a world of self- sufficiency, in full harmony with nature, is feasible and accepting the fact that returning to nature and to daily occupations is necessary for inner and mental balance in general, especially in our days, Abramis guesthouse is waiting for you to share the experience.

Toula and Thanasis, with unexceptionable love for their birthplace and their sons Vrettos and Giorgos, restless minds of an artistic nature mostly, are here to offer you their hospitality and to initiate you to their fields of expertise.

On Kythira, the four seasons are clearly distinguished from each other and every season has it’s own characteristic tone and always something unique and a “special treat” to offer the visitor. For that reason, Abramis guesthouse is open all year round, offering to all ages a destination of environmental oriented training and creative recreation.

Even if you don’t have any idea at all about life away from the city, dare to taste the experience. After all, you don’t acquaint yourself with that kind of living, you will never find out how many things this “heaven on earth” has to offer.


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