Abramis – Kythera


According to the diary, the summer has passed, but the weather is still warm. The sun is hot and the beach awaits to cool us without the summer season buzz. Exactly in that period, nature is about to release it’s fruits… grapes. Collecting(trygos), crushing and extracting methods are among the oldest throughout the whole world. That’s why Abramis Guesthouse has ideally combined in a weekly recreational deal, the acquaintance with the Kytherian land and the relaxation of body and soul, generously offered that season.


  • One day of collecting grapes. ( lunch will take place after returning from field.)
  • One day of crushing grapes in a traditional wine-press. ( lunch will take place at the wine-press area.)
  • One day of preparing grapes for tsipouro (raki) production, using two different methods. ( lunch will take place outdoors where the rooms are located.)
  • One day of visiting a garden and collecting grocery, followed by a cooking lesson in preparation of traditional meals cooked in wood burning stove. (spinach-pie, bread, mini cheese-pies, rusks and more.)
  • One day of guided walk and tour to the gorge and the sights of the village. (Duration: 5 hours.)
  • Two days free. (Ask us to prepare with you, your guided tour on the island.)


  • The deal is for one(1) week (seven(7) days, six(6) nights).
  • Price includes accommodation, rental car, breakfast, a little snack during the activities and one(1) meal. (All products are traditional and homemade.)
  • In the free days, ONLY breakfast is delivered.
  • Duration of the daily activities is about five(5) hours. Transportation from and to the activities areas is done with our own vehicle.
  • Price is 440 EUROS per person, rental car included and 350 EUROS per person if you bring your own vehicle.
  • Conducting period for 2017 is from 4 until 17 of September.
  • There is a 150 EUROS of extra charge in case of ……..