Abramis – Kythera


Mitata is located at the center of the island, in a short distance from the airport and just 20 minutes away from the port of Diakofti. The village is built in the Northern slope of Tsakona’s gorge at an altitude of 325 meters (1066 ft.).

The location has to present significant both archaeological and paleontological findings with specimens dating from the Minoic Era and sea shells sentiments dated from several million years.

The village’s square, the so called balcony of Kythera, offers panoramic views of Ai Giorgi’s mountain (St. George’s) and Palaiopoli’s beach, also of the historical Palaiokastro and the nearby village of Viaradika.

In the past the village was one of the main sources in fruit and vegetables providing the local market and even an indigenous variety of peach was developed, named Aphrodite’s breasts. Nowadays the locals are trying to keep the traditional color and legends alive, having founded the “Myrtia” union to help with reflecting the best of Mitata.

Every year Myrtia is the organizer of one of the biggest folk festivals on the island, the Wine Festival.