Abramis – Kythera

Byzantine Temples

Walking around the village, to discover every interesting corner, worthy of mentioning, visiting and photographing are all fourteen churches of every historical period. Each one of them comes with it’s own architectural features and way of use by people. Most important of them are Agia Kyriaki on the road as you leave from Mitata to Palaiopoli (of Byzantine architecture and period), Agios Georgios carved in rock underground below the existing Agios Georgios, which is the only temple with the sanctuary (chancel) oriented to the West and was used as shelter and secret school for a short period, the 14th century also carved in rock Panagia Spilaeotisa and Agios Georgios at Mavri Spilea area, where villagers found shelter to escape from the wrath of pirates, but eventually were burnt, according to legend.