Abramis – Kythera



Summer, collecting grapes and then war! It’s just a few weeks pass the summer season and one can notice a strange movement on the island, this time from people with roots from Kythera. Conversations in cafes have changed… “How many did you pick?” ….. “How much did you produce?” … “Has Paliopoli met our expectations, this year?” War is the expression the old ones used to describe that period, because of the great effort in it, but there is also a sense of concealed pleasure awarding you at the same time. With the first daylight, people are leaving the daily routine and gathering in groups, either family or friends they are heading for the fields. In every creek and field on the island, you can hear voices and the trees are laid with sheet, ready to release their fruits. Over the years the collecting method has changed a lot, mostly because of the technological progress, but we, keeping the faith in tradition and with love for nature, continue to collect olives the old fashioned way, away from the noise of machines, having the sound of nature in our ears. Physical health, mental calmness and team spirit compose a procedure in full harmony with nature.


  • Three days of olive picking procedure.
  • One day of visiting a garden and collecting grocery, followed by a cooking lesson in preparation of traditional meals cooked in wood burning stove. (spinach-pie, bread, mini cheese-pies, rusks and more.)
  • One day of guided walk and tour to the gorge and the sights of the village. (Duration: 5 hours.)
  • One day of visiting a traditional olive pressing facility, soap making tutorial and finally a visit to a modern olive pressing facility, where we will be extracting the oil from the week’s harvest. (Each one will receive a bottle of organic olive oil and a bar of handmade soap.)
  • One day free. (Ask us to prepare with you, your guided tour on the island.)


  • The deal is for one(1) week (seven(7) days, six(6) nights).
  • Price includes accommodation, rental car, breakfast and two(2) complete meals. (All products are traditional and homemade.)
  • Breakfast is delivered in a basket outside your door, every morning.
  • In the free day, ONLY breakfast is delivered.
  • Transportation from and to the activities areas is done in our own vehicle.
  • Price is 430 EUROS per person, rental car included and 360 EUROS per person if you bring your own vehicle.
  • Conducted from late October until late January.
  • There is a 150 EUROS of extra charge in case of ……..