Abramis – Kythera


Starting from Mitata’s central square as our meeting point, under the shadow of the pine tree, your experienced guide will give you all the basic info about the village’s history, where it’s name came from and the plan of the route that you are going to follow.



Mitata square, Keromytianika, Mavri Spilea (Black Cave), Tsakona’s gorge, Vrisi (Fountain), Mitata square.

Duration : 3 hours.

Leaving the square behind, heading to Keromytianika settlement, you will be able to observe numerous cultural corners of the village like old stone extracting and processing facilities, small old olive pressing industries, windmills, churches and more. Taking the dirt road down to Tsakona’s gorge, you’ll realize that you are walking among thousands of fossilized seashells, millions of years old. From this point and beyond the photo opportunities and the small stops will be many as the scenery is magical. Mavri Spilea (Black Cave), watermills, arched stone built water duct are just some of the images that your brain will store and you’ll have the chance of processing them later, enjoying fresh cool water from the village’s spring. As soon as you recharge, you will be taking the road upwards to Spilaiotissa church and from there back to Mitata square, the so called, Kythira’s balcony.

Cost per person: 15 EUROS.



Mitata square, Keromytianika, Mavri Spilea (Black Cave), Tsakona’s gorge, spring of Anavaloussa, “The dog and the cat” spot, Viaradika’s Vrisi (Fountain), Spilaiotissa (church), Mitata square.

Duration : 5 hours.

The walk up to the arched stone built water duct is the same as ROUTE 1. Passing under the bridge you will be following part of the old Mitata- Viaradika trail, until you reach “the dog and the cat” spot. The breathtaking and uninterruptable view that lies ahead will leave you mesmerized. After you’ve been given all the details of the site and the purpose of the use of the two caves, you will follow the trail to Viaradika’s Vrisi (fountain) an ideal spot for a little rest and a snack. About half an hour later, the descend towards the gorge will begin taking a different footpath and after you pass from Spilaiotissa church, you will return back to Mitata square. Price includes energy snack during the stop at the fountain.

Cost per person: 20 EUROS.



  • Price includes one(1) small bottle of water (0,5lt) for each person.
  • Minimum number of participants is four(4) and maximum ten(10).
  • Transport to Mitata’s square (start-finish) will be done in your own vehicle.
  • The routes are circular.
  • The routes will be conducted every……..
  • Abramis company will not be responsible or accept any responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the walks.